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Enter the Grillmaster


It’s 10:36.

It’s the last night here in Urbana-Champaign that I can do something and nobody wants to go out.

So, why not? time to hop on the blogging express with everyone else.

Let’s have some realtalk about food right now. When I am at home, I am dependent upon my mother’s cooking. She knows what pleases my stomach and misses me so I allow her to make me food. The one thing I miss most right now is my mother’s baking. Cooking is one thing, but dayum can she make a batch of brownies.

Think these but even more mouth-watering.

Anywho, the last couple weeks have allowed me to dip my feet into the water to try my own cooking/baking (no cakeballs have been made). Sidenote: I don’t know what Jeremy puts in his brownies, but I was very loopy for 2-5 hours after eating them.

So, Andrew and I have used this time to not only grow closer as friends but also become kitchen-mates. We’ve had a couple rodeos now. Andrew made his famous five-cheese pasta last night. Gosh, I’m glad that my allergy to dairy is not as bad as it used to be; in the past that would have sent me to the bathroom for hours ( 😉 ) We’ve had the breakfast-for-dinner schtick and other things. I made homemade macaroni recipe that I got off the web. I had to make a roux which I haven’t done in 3 years. The last time I tried it ended up looking like dough, but that could have been my cooking partner’s fault at the time, but that’s a story for another day. Look at me, I’m rambling. Putting that in the oven was very scary because it looked like cheese-noodle soup. I mean I like cheese, but not in that form. Luckily, it turned out alright, maybe a little parmesan-y, but WE CAN BUILD ON THIS.

Tonight, I made one of my dad’s favorite recipes which was Parmesan Puff Tilapia. Although the amount of mayonaise that goes on there would normally scare me away, it turned out pretty good. The fish tasted about right, and the green onions that looked pretty ominous did not get in the way of us enjoying it.

The one thing I’ve really enjoyed learning to do the last couple weeks is grill. Yeah, nbd right? Well, I don’t have parents that teach me essential skills. They throw me in the pool and watch to make sure I don’t drown without getting lessons. So, it’s been worrisome. But, I started out with brats. Easy enough, turned out well. Then, we moved to bacon wrapped grilled chicken. Personally, I thought it was delectable.  I didn’t know how it would work out, because everything looks good online, but I was very happy with the results. It looked like this ( sans the rice and beans. For me, the most challenging part about cooking so far was our BBQ Saturday. I got put in charge of the grill and the 3 courses (brats, the chicken and burgers (another thing I had never grilled)) While rushing back and forth and having my blood pressure raise above normal, I was able to get everything done right and tasting good. Yeah, it wasn’t the hardest foods in the world to cook, but with my limited experience on the grill, it could have gone horribly wrong, but I needed to rep the young guys and show we could step up to the plate and cook well. Luckily, it did, unless they were all lying to me. :'(.

But, that has been the extent of my cooking adventures so far. I go home in two days and I gotta say, I’ve certainly enjoyed my time here… Even with Talbot taking the crown in tetris. However, in FIFA, the crown will always be mine. I’m looking forward to going home and displaying what I’ve learned (I sure can follow a recipe). The next few posts will be to update about the adventures in Florida. And that’s the way the cookie crumbles.


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