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Hello Goodbye

Hey Gang.

I wanted to do an activity. Anything to procrastinate studying and packing up my belongings for just a little bit longer. I am writing this with an increasing sense of nostalgia. Today is the last day that I will be in Champaign until school picks up again in August. When I say be, I am implying living here. From now on, I commence the longest period of living at home since Winter Break. I make it sound like I’m dreading it; actually, there are definitely parts I will miss, but there are aspects I’m looking forward to.

First, what I will miss: The community. The last month has brought my roommates (Gadz, Jess, and Steph) as well as the guys across the hall (Aaron, Courtney, Jeremy and Mark) closer together. At the beginning of the year when I first showed up for club, there was a sense of intimidation coming in as a freshman again. And now, when I moved here back in Mid-May, I briefly felt it again (being the only freshman)… but it went away. It has been great being in the company of these people and getting to hang out with some of my best friends for a month straight while taking class semi-seriously.

Next, the ARC. What a convenience. A couple blocks away is a glorious facility that has everything that I could ever ask for in terms of activities. It’s been great being able to go there and get lifting in (seeing as it will be more difficult at home now that alum cannot use our high school’s facility). Even better was the pool, it has been super hot, and a little splish-splash every few days was fun.

There are definitely other things I will miss, but I will be back in two+ months so I know that it being back here is just around the corner. So, I will move on to things I’m looking forward to.

  Cocoa Beach, Fl is where I will be staying in the next week. My family has gone there just about every year since I’ve been consciously aware of these things. We go to the same place, Las Olas Beach Club, where we are able to meet up with old friends, maybe take a few drinks on the beach, sing Karaoke, and chow on some Surf n’ Turf.

Las Olas Beach Club

Also, it will be good to see my family. While I have been able to consistently see my dad my whole life, it has not been as much as I would have liked. Him and my mum split up early on and the closest they’ve lived to each other has been 15 minutes. But recently, my dad moved to Mokena and lives two minutes away from me. I’m definitely looking forward to exploiting this.

I look forward to getting in shape for Cross-Country. Amor Miles and this past season in track and XC have given me the motivation I needed (a stern kick in the buttocks) to get in the best shape I can for the season. I’ll be able to run with my brother as this is his second year of running and hopefully yields the results he is looking for. I’m looking forward to seeing my best friends from home: Mike and Rob (who coincidentally dislike each other, that will be interesting…), Laurel/Schlaurel, Jimmy, and some other people hopefully… Also, I plan on improving my cooking abilities to prep for next semester. I’ll have my mom with me to show me some of the ropes (no more PB+J Monte Cristo).

Oh, and how could I forget golf. I’ve been golfing since I was five but I only started taking it seriously the last two summers. My dad always wanted me to be involved because he was on the golf team in high school and a caddy in college, but I found golf more as a nuisance than anything until recently. I plan on golfing as much as possible, 30 rounds would be  a good target. It will be less than last year, but hopefully I can break that 90 barrier and get into the 80’s.

So that’s all for now. I will be updating frequently in Florida to post pictures and tell stories of the adventures we have. Hopefully it lives up to some of the last few vacations. It was definitely fun staying in the 909 this past month. We FSU’d at the clubs and at home. Mark, if you ever read this, the crown is yours for Tetris. My playing days are over. I hope that you are happy. However, that last game of FIFA meant nothing. I still possess that crown, but will always be happy to play.

See everyone, if not at parties, than in August.


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