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Saying Goodbye to the Beach

Hey Gang

It’s the first real night back at home since I returned from Florida and everyone’s busy tonight (something about all hanging 0ut with their fathers, weird…)

I could devote this post to my dad, and be like all the people on facebook wishing their dads happy father’s day and that they are the greatest and all that. I’m not going to do that though. My dad’s a great guy and I think he would appreciate this more as something to sum up what I think of him:

Now that that’s been taken care of, I will post a brief summary of my vacation to Florida. For starters, it was awesome; it may have been one of the funnest weeks of my life, even though my sisters could not join us. Our first day there was kind of slow, just waiting for people to show up. I got to grill again which was cool (more chicken, which was cut up into some saled (WOW, my family ate salad)). But, we did get to enjoy the beach and the scenery.

Sunday started out well; an early run with my brother on the beach followed by a community breakfast of donuts. The resort has a ceremony where at the start of the week they anoint a weather god and although my stepdad was chosen, he was not there, so I stepped in to fill his shoes. I was bribed with Bud Light and shots for good weather (notice, no Key Stone). I met up with old friends: the ladies behind the desk, (Lisa A and Lisa B, always good to talk to), Tom (basically the caretaker), Alan (crazy guy in charge of events, always out cold from drinking by 10), Chase (friend from Lansing, IL, has been going there as long as us), and the Colls family (family that has been there as long as us, our moms are best friends, they have attractive daughters…). The rest of the day was relegated to the beach to get our tans on and for me to keep reading Harry Potter (in book 5 after 7 days of reading the first 4).

Monday brought another early morning, somewhat hung over from the night before and another early run. This led to bingo, always a tradition, however only 15 people showed up so when I won, I only won 14 dollars. Then, drinking resumed around noon and I played something I had never played before: Louisville Chugger. I met up with Chase and two other guys, Mike (another guy who has owned at the resort for forever) and Derrek (his friend). So, the premise of this game is that you grab a sawed-off plastic bat handle, fill it with a beer, chug it, spin around 10 times and then try to hit a baseball (or beer can for poor people). Chase did it and fell down. I did it and didn’t come within two feet of the can. The results were the same on the next try. Tons of girls were walking by and needless to say, they probably were not impressed.

Next came Tuesday, always a fun day at the resort. Two things stood out about this day. 1. Fortune favored me and I befriended two very attractive girls who happened to be staying at my resort. We played frisbee for a little while and I did my best convincing them to go to Karaoke. They said they may not be going, but I held on to hope… hahaha. So, we went to Karaoke at the end of the pier with the sky threatening rain in the distance. At this point, Florida was in a huge drought (forest fires everywhere, not near us thankfully, but needless to say, they were itching for rain). So we arrived, me sober unfortunately, kind of a buzzkill for karaoke. I decided to sing anyway, especially since I happened to notice the girls had actually come. Swelling with confidence, I signed up for a song. The song was Baby, by Justin Bieber, a family favorite. So, I got on stage, feeling confident I could hit the falsetto. The first note, however, changed that. I couldn’t match the bieber and… it was rough, but once I got to the Luda wrap, I started killin’ it. I brought the house down and noticed the girls smiling, with some confusion and worry in their eyes, but I could tell they liked it. I was able later to go on stage with a group of guys and sing My Girl, by The Temptations and that was fun as well. After that, the sky opened up and started storming, but we made it home safe.

Wednesday brought about a glorious morning following the showers. My stepdad took me golfing (my first round of the year) and while it was fun, I did not perform very well. That was about it for wednesday, some more drinking and what not followed.

Thursday brought about another one of my favorite days: sand castle contest, Potluck, and what I thought would be the Comedy Club. I asked the girls to join me in making a castle which slowly turned into a person (declan). We obviously won. They were fun to build it with and I looked forward to hanging out with them more the next day after we were done. Unfortunately, I got insanely burned on my stomach and back from all this frolicking in the sand. I nutted up though. Potluck was fun, lots of good food and friends. Then, I ended up not going to the comedy club (couldn’t buy drinks…), but I stayed up and waited for friends to come back. Chase came back with a case around midnight and me him, Derrek, Mike, and Lisa B’s niece Erika (very attractive) played f*** the dealer until like 2:30. Then it was time for shots… chased with high fives of course. The rest of the night didn’t end well… I woke up on the couch the next day which gave me a chuckle.

The Pride of Declan

Friday was a letdown. The girls were gone all day and I was hung over for the majority of it. They didn’t come back until 11 and at that point I was drunk again (more f’ing the dealer). Got to hang out with my friend Jessica and her boyfriend, turned out to be a cool guy who liked Kenny Powers, good enough for me haha. This was all preceded by a big crab bake which was tastily disgusting.

Saturday came and I thought I would not be able to say goodbye to the girls. I thought they had left, but with a stroke of luck I ran into them. This immediately made me happier. While nothing happened during the week, it was fun to meet and hang out with them. So, we said exchanged info and goodbyes until next year. Then, I said goodbye to everyone else that I had adventured with over the past week. It was tough to have to go home after having that much fun. The weather sympathized with me and kept me here longer, however. When we got to the plane, we were blitzed by a storm and were delayed by 2 and a half hours (not quite the send-off I wanted). Arrived home, suitcase soaked, but alive. The vacation was over.

And that’s about all. Thanks for bearing with me; there will not be many posts like this where I am summing up my life; I’ll leave that for Alex Harrison (Navigating the Night Joggers). I just wanted to put everything out there so I can read and have the memories. I’ve realized that a blog is like a pensieve, but here I go rambling. Until next time


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