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Top 7 Moments of Freshman Year

I made a draft awhile ago that I was going to upload to facebook, but I never got around to completing it. Since I now write on the blog, I thought maybe I should put it on here instead.

Freshman year holds the stigma (rightly so) of being the first part of the most exciting and fun times of most people’s lives. I would definitely be in agreement with this statement. While it was tough to narrow down all the moments from this year, I think I have officially narrowed down my top 7 most memorable moments from freshman years. So, here goes:

#7. Riding the Bus to GodKnowsWhere

The first weekend we were here as the Freshman class of 2014. None of us knew where anything was, getting to the armory without getting lost was a challenge for all (Pathik ending up on Green Street). That first Saturday night, however, I tried to make it home alone after a little bit of liquid courage. I hopped on what I thought was the correct bus, I knew it was supposed to be a 22, whether it was North or South was the part I confused.. I needed the South; I took the North. After twenty-five minutes of confusion and riding my bus to “godknowswhere”, I get kicked off the bus, very far North on Lincoln, the only white person (not that that matters)  in the vicinity. Luckily, another bus came shortly after I was busy making acquaintances with the local people (one almost ran in front of a bus) and brought me home. So, roughly an hour and change after I left the 204, I made it home safely. This moment has forever reminded me to never take the 22 North of Green Street.


Sometimes the things Mark Hayes says are beyond comprehension; sometimes they are funny. One night back in March during one of our movie nights, Mark had other things on his mind. After brainstorming probably all afternoon, he came up with the brilliant idea of exploring the forests or scouring the secret tunnels on our campus. We were all content with a low-key night, but Mark he kept on plowing forward with these ideas. “It’ll be so much fun.” Rigggghhttt Mark.  You will never be let down for that idea. Mark Hayes Moment #2: For the greater part of the second half of the year, we tried to find a wingman for Ryan Jorgenson (the man comparable to hercules). We threw out a bunch of names and it didn’t seem to pan out for anyone… especially Pathik Gandhi (see below). Mark to Pathik: “No offense Pathik, but you’re brown.” Good stuff coming from Mark Hayes. Keep it coming next year Mark.

Mark Hayes

#5. Terre Haute

Cross-Country was a transition year for myself. After not putting in the training necessary over the summer, I rode the strugglebus in practice as well in meets. I thought that after my incident at Eastern (I’ll spare those details, but let’s just say the bathroom was calling my name) that things could only go upwards. Then we went to Terre Haute. While it was cool being able to run on a course like that (national championship course), fate was not with me on that day or many of the other members of the team. It was a day where the temperature hovered in the 90’s and the course itself contains no shade, brutal to say the least. However, I don’t think anyone else ran a 33:30 8k. It was the first 8k I ever finished and I never wanted to do one again. But, although it was one of the more unpleasent moments of this year, it definitely makes its case for being one of the more memorable moments from my standpoint.

Terre Haute (Terre-ble, yuk-yuk)

#4. Pathik Gandhi (not Ghandi).

First off, like me at Terre Haute, Pathik rides the strugglebus when he comes close to water. When we found out that he could not swim, we decided it was time to step in. We arranged an event at CRC to teach him to swim. it was a day of festivities: water basketball, going down the water slide, Jorg blowing bubbles in the pool. Pathik made great strides in the pool learning how to doggy paddle in 3 foot deep water. He is certainly progressing. Pathik moment #2. If you talk about a day of festivities, Unofficial deserves mention. That was the day when me and Jorg were meant to tackle the Big, Fat Ugly (not Krackel, girl who attempted raping me). After starving ourselves all day, Jorg and I were going to grab Pathik when we got a text from him saying he was incapable of walking. Since beginning his day of drinking at noon, Pathik hit the wall around 3:30 in the afternoon. We picked him up where his friend drunkenly berated us about being horrible friends. We brushed her off then we tried to walk home. Pathik forgot to walk and had us swinging him around while we were walking back. We dropped him off, he took a long nap, then came back to visit. Upon leaving his room, we were walking down the hall and Pathik runs through the hall yelling WOOO-HOOOO then slunks back to his room. So ended Pathik’s Unofficial.

#3. Piano Man

Piano Man is always a rip-roaring good time. Nothing, not even a tornado can stop him from going up on stage and performing for the masses. There were several memorable moments that took place at Piano Man. Obviously, the tornado/storm night several weeks ago. Mike Spillone made his first appearance and got to see us almost be kicked out (Thanks, Harrison). The first time we went also stands out. It was part of Declan’s farewell as we gathered the most people we had attend all year. But the moment that is most memorable, errr, maybe not so much happened during the middle of first semester. The night started talking to (Big Dick) Ben Zeman about the Treasurer position. Then, four long Islands later and I was spinning. I don’t really know what happened with Piano man and what he was playing or anything else that happened. Sean fireman-carried me and Brendan had to walk two bikes home. All in all, Piano Man was the sight of many nights of debauchery.

#2. The Legend is Born

After a breakout meet for the Team centering around the Pack-and-Break strategy and the Shit-my Pants Strategy that I employed (Not successful by the way), the 203/204 as we have come to expect and appreciate threw a party. At this point in the year, this party was still sort of an Ice-Breaker, especially for the Freshman class. Then, something happened. Henry Wolf chose me as his partner for what we thought was a nothing-special game of BP. Our opponents were Mo Foley and Jess Mulcrone. After a back-and-forth battle, we went to overtime, and then double overtime where we came out on top. We kept our hot streak alive for the next game as well. After that, we lost the game, but we won a beautiful friendship. That party and the events that occured was where @Henry Wolf, the Man, the Legend was born.

The man, the Legend, on the prowl

#1. A Day at the Beach

The day at the beach was the wrap-up party for the year. After winning track NITCA nationals (woo), we decided to celebrate. Debauchery was the name of the game for this party. If you were lucky to be in attendance, well then you know the details. If not, I’m sorry, I cannot recap its GREATness. Just know that that’s what it was: great.

Moments that didn’t quite make it:

Halloween: Definitely very memorable for all the wrong reasons. Trying to block out as much of this night as I can.

Meeting Alex Petit: life-changing moment.

Introduction to sushi: Great night all around.


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