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The Summer of Zach

They say “never judge a book by a cover.” A cliche heard a thousand times over. So, I say to that, ‘ok.’ Besides, this time it was unnecessary. The book’s fame preceded it anyhow. However, maybe if I had taken a look at its cover before I jumped in I would have comprehended a little better what the author was trying to say. The book that I finished earlier today was called Slaughterhouse Five, by Kurt Vonnegut. Why did I read it? Well, after hearing a lot about it over the years I thought it was about time to look into it. I tend to do that with books that are often talked about, except Twilight (I’ll save that for my mom). I enjoyed Slaughterhouse Five and it definitely made more sense after I read the back cover which reads “… Billy Pilgrim’s odyssey through time reflects the mythic journey of our own fractured lives as we search for meaning in what we are afraid to know. ‘Ahh,’ I thought after I finished., so that’s what it was about. At least I can tell someone now who asks me. It was odd though, I never knew what was about to happen next. Soon, you may find out this is a constant theme taking place during this summer. Next up on the list of things to read is Islands in the Stream, by Ernest Hemingway.

So, why am I going over my summer reading list? Well, I really have nothing else to talk about. I’m unemployed, single, and running every day, so does anyone want to hear about any of those topics? Probably not. Anyway, this has coolly become the Summer of Zach (sorry George). With all this free time (Joliet Junior College included), I am exploring the different worlds of entertainment and seeing why people are buzzing about certain things.

My fish are beating each other up.

I just finished Arrested Development… Yeah, I know, five years too late. But, how many people watched it when it was on tv. So, watching the two and a half seasons of Arrested Development spanned about two and a half months (whatdy’know) from the jokes that were my finals until last Friday. After completing the series I am sure of two things.

1. I know why it got cancelled. Going from episode to episode was like starting a new season every half hour. Yes, there was a loose storyline (emphasis on loose), but for the most part, the only things that were constant in the show were Tobias’ allusions to possibly being gay (“buy-curious”, anyone) and the incest that is not incest, or is it incest? No it’s not, between George Michael and Maeby.

2. I’m looking forward to the movie. Even if it is as all over the place as the television show, it is going to be great… to people who get and have watched the show. Everyone else, good luck.

After finishing the series, I had a choice of television series to “get behind.” I have not really latched on to anything quite yet. Some friends are now watching Lost, which sounds interesting, but I don’t want to be mindf***** anymore than I already am. If I had HBO, that would definitely help as I’ve heard great things about Game of Thrones. But, for now I will stick to Wilfred and Louie on FX.

Wilfred is up there with some of the weirdest shows I have ever watched. Elijah Wood plays a guy with depression who tries to kill himself in the first episode. After he fails, his neighbor (very attractive neighbor***) asks him to watch her dog. It is really difficult to figure out what exactly is going on. Are these all hallucinations, the show kind of hints at that, but then shoots that hypothesis down. I don’t know what is much funnier than watching a man in a dog suit smoke a bong, drink a beer, and take a dump in a person’s boot though. I will see this through.

Louie, I’m not so sure with. Another funny, yet bizarre show. Of course, I missed the first season, so I may have to start from new on this one. However, the first episode of this season centered around Louie’s pregnant sister who ends up suffering from big pains which everyone thinks are labor pains, but end up being a big ol’ fart. Fart jokes are still funny, regardless of how old we get. And here is a good explanation why:

Unfortunately, I do not know how to post the video, but here is the link:

The last thing that I have gotten this summer is a band. Now, my musical taste… I would like to think that it appeals to everyone. I do not have a specific favorite band or genre of music I listen to. It all depends on the mood these days… and season… and situation. Sometimes I’ll get slack because I don’t have so-and-so, or a certain band I do have is apparently not good. I do not really care to be honest. I listen to what I think sounds good at the time and I do not try to make statements with my taste in music. Anyway, the band I got into was Bon Iver. I suppose I’m hopping on the bandwagon a little bit, but I’m never ahead of the times in music (except Party Rock Anthem, which I discovered before it was #1 on everything, just saying). I first heard them on Kanye’s track, Lost in the World which is a great track, in my opinion. I did not really look into them after that. But, then I started seeing them on Itunes and looked into them more. I liked a couple of their songs. Then, I heard them on The Colbert Report (selling out, just kidding) and I saw them perform and watch all the instrumentation going into the performances and the emotions coming out of the lyrics. It’s great. I think so… at least take a listen.

Justin Vernon of Bon Iver

Anyway, that’s all I have to say for now. What’s up next? Probably a review of the movies I have seen this summer (after Harry Potter comes out so I can get all my thoughts out there on the movies and books). Can’t say I don’t have time.

One more thing: had my first dinner disaster the other night, not fun. Also, tofu is not a fun food to eat, regardless of its firmness.


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