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An hour in the life of a Playwright

I had my first discussion for Theatre 101 today. There were a couple highlights:

The guy:girl ratio is 20:3 (so much for meeting girls)

There is a dog in my class

The dog sleeps all class with its tongue on the floor

…and that’s it.

Anywho, today we got our first foray into writing a script. Now, I use the term “script” loosely because we really just had to come up with a scene. The scene was what we predicted to happen after a scene we read as groups. Our goal was to write a follow-up to a scene from The Bear, a play written in 1988, by Anton Chekhov. It revolves around three characters:

Yelena Ivanovna Popova – a widow with dimples and a large estate

Grigory Stepanovich Smirnoff – a landowner in his thirties

Luka – an elderly servant

In the scene we read, Popova and Luka are in Popova’s living room. Popova is mourning her dead husband and her servant is trying to cheer her up and have her get back on the old pogo stick, in a matter of speaking. At the end of the scene, we are told Grigory Smirnoff enters, but not the extent. Here is the action that I decided would happen:

Luka: This man, he wants to see you.

Smirnoff: My name is Grigory, and I want to buy your land.

Popova: This land is not for sale. Can’t you see I am in mourning? Besides, I would never sell my land to such an ugly man.

Luka: “Shocked and surprised”

Smirnoff: Wow, that was mean

Luka: Yes, missus, why would you say something like that?

Smirnoff: It’s alright. I get that all the time. How about I take you for a ride on my horse? “Wink, wink”

Popova: Sounds like a plan, Stan!

End scene

Now, that was just a taste of the untapped creative potential I have. You may have not been as entertained as I was, but that is ok. Everybody’s a critic.


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