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My name is Zach Boehmke. I just finished up my Junior year at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. I am a Molecular and Cellular Biology major with the hope of going to Medical School swirling around in my brain. I started my blog in the spring of my freshman year for a course on studies on American Indians. After that, I decided to continue it afterwards, at which point it became ‘Confessions of A Cakeball Aficionado.’ I kept it as that for a few years, but never really had as much to write about as I thought I did. The summer after sophomore year I was inspired by The Real Maine to start my own running project called The Real Illinois. In this, I would write posts following several people, who are trying to better themselves in their running passion while also trying to balance their first glance into the real world. That is, people who are now working their first internship, or are exploring for the first time, their professional field. Last year, there were four people who wrote and it followed through the cross-country season. This year, I decided to expand the number to six and I hope that it works out and everybody enjoys reading.

The Real Illinois is not meant to infringe on any copyrighting done by The Real Maine, but if any issues ever arise (which I do not foresee as this is still pretty small, just e-mail me and I will figure something else out for a name.)

Personal attacks on my writing and character can go to


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